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Dubstep Is Back On Jake Millions’ New Album

You probably remember hearing dubstep for the first time around the early 2000s. Originating in the UK, it took everyone by storm. Thanks to the impact it had on so many listeners whether it was negative or positive, it was big. Prominent sub-bass, irregular rhythmic pattern, and a wobbling bassline were some of the most characteristic elements in dubstep. It was created by combining certain Jamaican Reggae and House music aspects. Some DJ’s then took a step further by incorporating the jittery rhythms of the 2-step genre into the equation. Dubstep came into the United States and took the bass drop to a whole other level with artists like Bassnectar and Skrillex by adding a more intense and exciting sound. Jake’s music brings us this dubstep sound in songs such as “Down For Whatever” from the Sex God album, but with a more modern twist on structure and synths.

Dubstep music started to evolve into different directions by merging into the mainstream world, it was integrated into the music of well-known artists like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears so people across the world started experiencing more and more dubstep probably without even knowing. After this, it was adopted by many other genres and broken down into different categories like EDM trap, Filth, Glitch, and more. More recently one of the places where we can see dubstep make a constant appearance is in the viral Tik Tok dance videos, it has the perfect musical style for people to show off their widely popular dance choreographies and keep millions of viewers entertained. We can also see some amazing moves in Jake’s video “Going Nuts” where he dances around Vancouver’s amazing street art.

Dubstep is very easily merged with different music styles because it can be used as a point of climax for almost any mainstream type of music, even for slow electroacoustic music since its properties can be broken down and re-used. Nowadays a lot of people might think that dubstep disappeared suddenly after its very strong beginning but that fact is that it actually transformed itself into many different sub-genres that are widely used in mainstream music like pop, trap, hip hop, and more.