"Hit Theory"


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Tik Tok Songs – Download The Best Remixes Here

Tik Tok songs are taking over the world, each one with their own dance. Sometimes people don't even know the name of the song, just the dance moves! Nothing will make a song go viral faster than if it has its own dance and people are sharing videos of themselves on social media. Jake has posted a few remixes on his SoundCloud that turn up the heat on these classic Tik Tok songs. A lot of them are trap songs, which just happens to be his specialty. For example, the Renegade Dance, which is performed to "K Camp - Lottery [Renegade]" has been given the electro dance treatment and it is thumpin'....

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Trap House Anthems Dominate Jake Millions’ New Album “Sex God”

Trap House hybrid bangers are heavily featured on Jake Millions' latest studio effort, "Sex God" - an over-the-top, no-holds barred EDM epic. Not afraid to shy away from big sounds, you are sure to hear this record slapping on the big speaker stacks at your local music festival next summer. The album starts with "Time to Shine", a trip hop-influenced track that is an inspirational ode to perseverance in the face of great odds. Next are "Sex God" and "Streets Gotta Eat", two electro house influenced songs that defy categorization: both bring intense dance energy over catchy and driving hooks. The album switches into dubstep and makes use of an unmistakable Mortal...

demonstration of the Goin' Nuts

New Jake Millions Video All About Vancouver Dance & Street Art

Vancouver music producer Jake Millions just released his latest video from the Hit Theory album and it's a riot of motion and colour. “Goin’ Nuts,” directed by Luke Scandal, foregoes gimmicky special effects in favour of long shots that showcase Brotha Jason's phenomenal talent and some of Vancouver’s most stunning graffiti and murals....

The moment the World changed forever

The Craziest Music Video You Will EVER See

Jake Millions has released his inaugural video for the track #1 on his debut album Hit Theory, and it is a doozy.  A virtual maelstrom of pop surreality, conspiracy theories, and global mayhem, the video is meant to tell the viewer the story of Jake's arrival on planet Earth and his irrepressible rise to superstardom, but functions more as a post-modern ad for why we should all have emergency airbags equipped inside our brains for the odd time a music video shatters both your mind and reality. You're basically entering a whole other universe, so better strap in....

Watch: Tracee Ellis Ross & Playboy Carti’s Hilarious Cameos in Tyler, The Creator’s “Earfquake” Video

Hip Hop's reigning King of Weird is back to his old tricks again in the bizarre but hilarious "Earfquake" video. Born of a collaboration with Playboi Carti, Tyler enlists the help of Tracee Ellis Ross--who plays a hapless TV host ill-equipped to deal Tyler's inscrutable madness to perfection, to bring this cooky vision to life....