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Eminem Now Tied With Jay-Z For 3rd Most Top 10 Hits Ever

Jay Z + Eminem

Photo from Medium

It’s official! Eminem breaks into the top 3 of all time.

In the race to becoming rapper supreme, Eminem and Jay Z are now tied. Only Lil Wayne and Drake stand above them.

This move up the all=time-greatest chart comes thanks to Eminem’s appearance on Logic’s new track “Homicide,”which entered the Billboard charts at No. 5━just more validation for the Detroit rapper after being nominated as one of the rap game’s “Grandmasters” by Ice T in the documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap.

Here’s a little snippet of Eminem freestyling in Something From Nothing

“It’s a substandard achievement for someone with his talent,” commented Jake Millions, “he should probably get back on the sauce and quit being so afraid of his talent, or his ambition.”

Will Eminem ever ascend to #1, or will have to settle for 3rd?