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Holy Shit! U-God Goes Ballistic on RZA!! Your Beats “Wack” Since “Wu-Tang Forever”

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang at a video shoot circa 2000. Photo by Kevin Winter/ImageDirect. Photo/Getty Images


“It wasn’t hard enough,”

“The beats wasn’t hot,”

Why release a weak-ass record?

“Ask his monkey ass the shit!” (No really! Check the video at the 1:34 mark)

Just a few of the monster bombshells dropped in U-God’s interview with VladTV, less than two weeks after the release of their Showtime documentary, Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men.

U-God is in a mood to slay from the outset in this firebomb of an interview, going on a tear on RZA from beginning to end, saying the whole crew was complaining about RZA’s weak production and at a loss to explain why RZA insisted on shipping weak albums:

“ I can’t tell you, you’re always asking me why this, why… I don’t f*cking know! Get that fucking dude RZA in here and ask him all that sucker shit, please! Ask his monkey ass the shit!”

“It’s the beats man, it’s the fucking beats!… After Forever, we was always complaining about the music internally.”

Could these dropped bombs in any way relate to U-God’s 2.5 million USD suit against RZA and the Clan?

Whatever happens next, it’s not like this is the only beef to have beset the Clan over the years. Hopefully they patch things up, but words like this surely sting for a while!

In any case, if you want to see U-God on the war path, this VladTV interview is, if nothing else, highly entertaining, check it out: