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Monster Diss!! RZA On U-God’s Memoir: U-God’s Hasn’t Shown Growth or Talent Since 2000!!

RZA gets ready to lovingly smash U-God's head in

Photo Credit: Andrew Cotterill

Despite U-God’s merciless criticism, which included U-God publicly dissing RZA’s beats as “weak,” blaming him for the release of weak albums, calling him a “control freak” and portraying RZA as a dictator in his book, RZA himself seems to be taking the high road, dismissing U-God’s caricatures of reality as U-God's book cover“sci-fi” and expressing “nothing but love” for his former Clan-mate in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

“Look, every man has a right to write a book,” RZA said. “Some books are fiction and some books are non-fiction. Some are myths, some are fantasy, some are sci-fi – I don’t know if this book falls totally in non-fiction.”

“I could never be a control freak,” he added. “If Wu-Tang is a dictatorship, how does every Wu-Tang member have their own contract, their own career and have put out more albums without me than they’ve done with me?”

“Secondly, if I’m the problem for anybody’s growth and development in music, then why [is it that] after 18 years after everybody got released from the Wu-Tang Productions contract in 2000, your growth has not shown through your own talent then if that’s the problem?”

RZA’s mild jibe on U-God’s lack of talent aside, RZA stressed he had no negative feelings towards U-God.

“More than anything, I’m happy because I’ve watched a couple of U-God’s interviews and he seems engaged and happy and satisfied, and that’s what an artist needs,” RZA said.

“He’s always been a good artist. In his book, he writes that he was looked down upon. I think he don’t really realize how much people love him and I think this particular book tour and promotion, he’s realizing, ‘Wait a minute, motherfuckers know me and love me.’ I think he’s learning something we all know.”