"Hit Theory"

Rapper Offset Excoriates Alabama Anti-Abortion Laws As “Slavory”

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The Alabama ban, already labelled “draconian” and worse than “Christian Sharia” just got another verbal flailing, this time from Migos frontman Offset. House Bill 314, absurdly named the “Alabama Human Life Protection Act,” gets a Migos-style mauling in Offset’s post:

In all fairness, all the bill does is reduce women to birthing sows so deprived of protections they must risk death or serious injury to bring a rape or incest child to term.

Why have birth control and abortions when you can have sky high childbirth infant/mother death rates, more unsafe illegal abortions, orphans, single mothers, poverty, social dysfunction and overall general anxiety? Isn’t the love of a morally inscrutable god more important?

Rape is love y’all.