"Hit Theory"

The Craziest Music Video You Will EVER See

Jake Millions has released his inaugural video for the track #1 on his debut album Hit Theory, and it is a doozy.  It may be the craziest music video you ever see. A virtual maelstrom of pop surreality, conspiracy theories, and global mayhem, the video is meant to tell the viewer the story of Jake’s arrival on planet Earth and his irrepressible rise to superstardom, but functions more as a post-modern ad for why we should all have emergency airbags equipped inside our brains for the odd time a music video shatters both your mind and reality. You’re basically entering a whole other universe, so better strap in.

What is basically a scorched-Earth campaign of sensory overload also functions as a delivery vehicle for a uniquely extra-terrestrial origin story. Featuring a conflict with the Vatican, conquest vs. NATO, some sort of science fiction concerning “digital viral DNA” enabled mind control and a feud with Marvel Universe bad guy Thanos, the video ends with Jake descending from his starship to deliver a global address after the overwhelming victory of his global insurrection–one expedited by Jakesters around the globe. I’m not sure why, but watching this felt like I just mixed GHB with THC honey oil and LSD. Wow.

Considering Jake’s actual fortune, one wonders if this “starship” they’re always talking about (and impregnating baby mommas on), really exists and if it isn’t Jake’s bachelor pad/flying festival fortress.

Evidence that extraterrestrial technology was innovated on planet EarthPay attention to the lovingly rendered fake newspaper articles, it looks like these guys have written a journalistic tome of backstory just for this one video. Even the individual newspapers have their own names, from “The Mass Opinion” to the “Meme Universe Monthly Digest.” Is it the craziest music video you’ve ever seen? If it is…. sharing is caring!