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Tik Tok Songs – Download The Best Remixes Here

tik tok songs

Tik Tok songs are taking over the world, each one with their own dance. Sometimes people don’t even know the name of the song, just the dance moves! Nothing will make a song go viral faster than if it has its own dance and people are sharing videos of themselves on social media. Jake has posted a few remixes on his SoundCloud that turn up the heat on these classic Tik Tok songs. A lot of them are trap songs, which just happens to be his specialty. For example, the Renegade Dance, which is performed to “K Camp – Lottery [Renegade]” has been given the electro dance treatment and it is thumpin’. Check it out here:

Also burning up the charts on Tik Tok is the silky smooth “Say So” by Doja Cat. Hailing from Los Angeles, Doja Cat has been blowing up lately as a rapper, singer, song writer and music producer. Jake went a bit of the disco house route on this one, and it blends well with the original’s funky stylings:

How do you know if Tik Tok songs are gonna blow up? Well, does it have a dance that can be performed relatively easily and in the comfort of your own home? If yes, then it probably has a good shot. Unfortunately, neither of these tracks are on Jake’s new album because of copyright concerns, but they will be featured on the upcoming “Vancouver Sessions Mixtape” which will debut lots of unreleased remixes as well as original tracks. Stay tuned for the Toosie Slide remix which should be released in a week or so. That one is sure to be a smash! Until then, stay steady grooving on Tik Tok.